Timmy Cipollini

Meet Timmy Cipollini — Roy C. Ketcham Varsity Quarterback!

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Sixteen-year-old Timmy Cipollini started playing football in the 5th grade, when he was 11 years old. In 9th grade, he made the junior varsity team and in 10th grade, he was selected as varsity quarterback.

Can you tell us a bit about why you started playing football?
I started playing football because I have always loved the sport and I’ve always wanted to play.

Why did you choose the position of quarterback?
I always had a good arm and good speed and strength, so my coach in AYF decided to put me there to see how I would do and I ended up staying at quarterback.
Check this video out and you’ll see a little of Timmy’s arm strength! (Interview continues after video.)

Tell us a bit about what you’ve learned playing on a team.
I’ve learned that you have to work together to get things done, stay a family and don’t turn on each other.
Where do you hope your football career will take you?
By my senior year I hope to have many college offers and hope to be able to have a great career as i go on.
What qualities does someone need to be successful at a team sport?
You need to not only think of yourself, but for the team because you will get nothing accomplished if you are only worried about yourself.
What is the most exciting part of a game?
The most exciting part of the game is actually playing in the game because the way your mindset changes. Once you get in the game, you block everything else out.
Who is your favorite football player?  Why?
I don’t have a favorite player, but I do look up to many people in the NFL because of how they play. You have to appreciate greatness.
What advice do you have for someone who is considering playing football?
My advice is to definitely try it out and put your  mind to it —- at first it’s going to be difficult and the practices are hard, but you have to stay with it. To be one of the motivators you always have to make sure the energy is up.  You can’t ever show discouragement  or weakness, even if its just in the weight room, let alone on the field.  You always have to make sure your team is ready and engaged in the game.
Congratulations to Timmy and best of luck in your football future!
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